Prep and Care Tips

Our ultimate guide for achieving perfect brows!

Whether you’re new to brow shaping and tinting or a seasoned pro, mastering the prep and aftercare routine is key for flawless results. In this article, we’ll break down simple yet effective tips to prepare for your appointment and maintain beautiful brows afterward, all tailored for Toronto residents.

Prep for Brow Shaping & Tinting:

1. Find the Right Salon:
Discovering a trusted salon in Toronto is crucial. At The Beauty House Salon (, our experienced specialists use top-notch products to ensure your brows look their best.

2. Chat with Your Specialist:
Schedule a chat with one of our experts before your appointment. We’ll discuss your desired shape, color preferences, and any concerns you may have, ensuring you’re fully satisfied with the outcome.

3. Let Them Grow:
Give your brows some time to grow out before your appointment. Avoid tweezing or waxing for a few weeks to ensure there’s enough hair for shaping.

4. Allergies? Speak Up:
If you have allergies or sensitivities, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll make sure to use products that won’t cause any adverse reactions.

5. Come with Clean Skin:
Arrive at your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin. This helps us work more efficiently and ensures the tint adheres properly.

Aftercare for Brow Shaping & Tinting:

1. Keep Them Dry:
After your appointment, avoid getting your brows wet for the first day or two. This includes activities like swimming or using steam rooms.

2. Say No to Oil:
Steer clear of oil-based skincare or makeup products around your brows. Opt for water-based alternatives to maintain the tint.

3. Hands Off:
Resist the temptation to touch or rub your brows, as this can cause the tint to fade faster. Gentle cleansing around the brow area is best.

4. Schedule Regular Touch-Ups:
Keep your brows looking fresh with regular touch-up appointments. Brow tinting lasts 4-6 weeks, while shaping may need touch-ups every 3-4 weeks.

5. Pamper Your Brows:
Treat your brows to some TLC with brow serums and conditioners. These products promote healthy growth and keep your brows looking their best.

With these simple prep and aftercare tips, achieving perfect brows in Toronto is within reach. Trust The Beauty House Salon for expert care and enjoy flawless brows that enhance your natural beauty. Schedule your appointment today and let us help you achieve the brows of your dreams!