Bye bye botched semi permanent makeup!

Saline Tattoo Removal$165

Are you unhappy with your microblading and are looking to get it  corrected or removed and start fresh?  The Beauty House Toronto microblading removal is the perfect solution for you!

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?
We use Botched Ink – which is a relatively new for Toronto microblading removal saline solution. Botched ink closely resembles the skin’s natural pH, this means its gentle on the skin. During treatment, there is no burning, just a short mild sting towards the end of the treatment. Our microblading removal saline solution quickly dries out the treated area, and any pigment healed into the skin Is then lifted and removed during the skin’s natural healing process.

  • Removes colour that lasted too long, mistakes or regrets
  • Lightens faded permanent makeup
  • Lifts pigment color from saturated or very dark brows

Removing, improving or lightening pigment is a process and may take several sessions and will have a better idea after 3 treatments how well the pigment is removed. This also depends on how mature or saturated the pigment is, it may look darker before it gets lighter, especially if it was implanted deeply.

Pigment that is closer to the surface will be easier to remove. Tattoo removal is a process with many variables, therefore, how much pigment is removed during each visit or how many visits are needed will depend on each individual. Book a consultation and see if the saline microblading removal procedure can help you restore your look!

  • Any redness surrounding the treated areas subsides within an hour or two
  • Redness within the treated area becomes brown as the skin dries out
  • Must be kept dry over the next 48 hrs for best results
  • Treated area is now very dry and light scabbing will form and you may see pigment visible in the scab
  • No excessive wetting the area , no swimming while the scab is visible (depending on the area, it may remain firmly attached for 5-14 days)
  • At no time can you pick off the attached scabs as this will cause unwanted results

It will not completely remove to normal skin color as before unless laser is done, but it will help the color fade up to 90%.

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